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    Personal Chef Services

    Want to come home to nutritious prepared meals? Sign me up!
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    Cooking Classes

    Learn to make wonderful dishes for your family. Request a class
Cooking Classes

How many parties have you had that end up in the kitchen, centered around the cook and the food? Why not let The Green Kitchen command their attention and teach everyone how to make that perfect appetizer, side dish or entrée?

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Personal Chef Services

Imagine not having to worry about having time to prepare dinner or what to fix! Which store to stop by, or worse yet, which fast-food restaurant? Let Chef Tammy work with you to tailor your weekly healthy, delicious and nutritious meal plans."

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Whether a dinner party, cocktail party, birthday celebration, an intimate dinner for just the two of you, or a thoughtful buffet service for a memorial reception, we enjoy being at your service! And what a great gift for new parents - Dinners For a Week!

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