So this woman - a mother, partner and chef

So this woman - a mother, partner and chef, who is never at a loss for words wants to and should start a blog. One reason is, I have a great website that is simply deserving of a great blog. Another reason is “everybody’s doing it”. But the best reason is my need to share my passion for all things cooking. But to sit still long enough to put thoughts “on paper” just daunts the hell out of me. But here goes.

I think of Julie and Julia, where Julie sees through all the murkiness of her self-esteem issues, and just plows right through it, only she has the focus of cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. I don’t have that kind of focus, or that exact focus I should say.

My ultimate goal in life is to open a sustainable cooking school where the homemaker and recreational cook can gain the skills and confidence to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for their families and loved ones. This training will also include gardening lessons, where students will learn how to plant their own gardens and maintain these gardens with compost from their own kitchens.

There, dear reader, (I stole that from Julie and Julia) you have it in a 2-sentence explanation and it is basically my mission statement.

So how am I getting there – surely you asked this question, right? This is the journey I’m asking you to come with me on. Are you ready?