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Specialized Meal Services

Specialized Meal Services

Imagine coming home to freshly prepared meals using wholesome and healthy ingredients. This is what a personal chef does.

Whether it be low-fat and more fresh vegetables or vegan or lactose-free, or gluten-free or simply a timesaver, the benefits of having freshly prepared meals waiting when you get home are immeasurable. Here’s what one client has recently said:

“Tammy meets with her clients, to determine exactly what they want. She then sets up a schedule, usually one day a week, depending on the clients’ needs. She then shows up with a week’s worth of meals.”

Imagine not having to worry about having time to prepare dinner or what to fix! Which store to stop by, or worse yet, which fast-food restaurant? Let Chef Tammy work with you to tailor your weekly healthy, delicious and nutritious meal plans.


Give me a call at (804) 687-7099.

“Having a top home chef like Tammy has improved my quality of life, as well as that of my family. We all eat healthier and enjoy gourmet meals in the comfort of our home. Tammy and her services have truly become an integral part of my family’s day to day lives. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!”
We have used The Green Kitchen for over a year now. With 2 careers and kids, cooking at home was just not happening. We wanted to feed our family healthy home cooked meals but could never find the time. This service has made our lives so much easier, and Chef Tammy is wonderful! Her food is unpretentious but delicious. Lots of fresh vegetables and savory comfort foods. Plenty of variety. It has been well worth the investment for our family.
Leslie Welch
“I received the personal chef service from Green Kitchen as a Birthday gift. It was the best gift I have ever received. Chef Tammy uses only fresh and healthy ingredients. The meals were delicious. My children are eating vegetables that I never dreamed they would eat. And, they LOVE them!! Being a busy, working mom, this service has changed the way we think about eating and I have become a better cook thanks the Chef Tammy!”
Sarah Koon