This Week’s Menu is Plant-Based!

Plant Based Meals

Thinking of trying a whole food, plant-based regimen?  It may not be for everyone, but after watching the documentaries, Forks over Knives and The Game Changers, you may decide to give it a try.  I do not want to quote any statistics here, as I’d rather you form your own opinion.  However, the Green Kitchen recently worked with a client whose cholesterol dropped 31% by switching to a plant-based diet.  Perhaps in this time of quarantining, you have been focusing on becoming healthier, and The Green Kitchen is here to help. 

For this week’s extra meals, we are offering only a plant-based, whole foods menu.  These are recipes we have already worked with several times and have found them to be delicious.  In fact, so delicious, you wouldn’t know they were totally plant-based if we hadn’t told you.

All the recipes are dairy-free, and most can be gluten-free, however, you must specify when ordering.

Orders must be placed by 3:00pm Tuesday for Wednesday delivery.  Text orders to 804-687-7099.  Please include your name.  I will then confirm your order and ask for your address.  COD, Cash, Check, Card, Venmo accepted.

$30/4 servings

DF: dairy-free; GF: gluten-free;

** can be Gluten-Free, must specify when ordering

  • “Sloppy Joe” Pitas with Roasted Sweet Potatoes – DF
  • South of the Border Pizza – think Mexican pizza…. **can be GF – please specify
  • Spaghetti with Roasted Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Basil (with salad) – DF; **can be GF – please specify
  • Green Goddess Pesto Bowls (brussels sprouts, kale, roasted potatoes, chickpeas) – GF & DF

Healthy Meals Delivered

Where does one begin? I’ve been advised that blogs don’t need to be soul-searching or gut-wrenching. But in light of COVID-19 and how much it has taken over all our lives, I don’t believe I can sit here and not include it in my writing.

At first, I scoffed at the ensuing panic, and even still, I blame media onslaught for most of it. Fortunately, for me and many of my generation, we are wise enough to check out all news reports, before choosing what to believe. However, we very much have an older generation of folks, who aren’t able to disseminate all that they are being bombarded with and it is them we need to worry about most. Their age and immune systems have left them most compromised. A friend’s mom going through regular chemotherapy for cancer will die without her chemo treatments and yet, she needs to be quarantined due to any possible contact with COVID. What is she to do?

And to slow the spread, we have been advised to wash our hands constantly and not touch our faces. Weren’t we raised to do that? And now travel restrictions have been issued. Large crowd-gathering festivals and events are being cancelled at an alarming rate.

This virus is on target to kill our economy, or at least put a very large damaging dent in it. And I won’t even address the political ramifications it has caused, reading reports of our Asian American population who are experiencing blame and abuse, based on their ethnicity.

So, what does one do? Do we stop living our lives? My vote is no. I won’t become a recluse and refuse to go outside. And you won’t see me at Costco, hoarding toilet paper and paper towels. However, I will continue to follow the issued guidelines of cleanliness and avoiding those who exhibit symptoms. As a chef, I have always practiced good hygiene and those standards won’t change.

So, as you decide how best to manage your life and navigate your way through this latest crisis, I wish you the ability to make the best-informed decisions for yourself and your family.

And if you are forced to be quarantined or if you simply choose to do so yourself, I hope you’ll remember there are businesses out there, such as The Green Kitchen, who are happy to continue to keep you as healthy as possible. Our specialized meal delivery service can be one option of helping you avoid crowds.