Enjoy an Intimate Holiday Meal with The Green Kitchen

2020. What a year it has been. The Green Kitchen hopes you and your family have been staying safe and healthy during these trying times. 

The holidays are fast approaching, and we are so excited to cook our delicious holiday favorites for you, despite the ongoing concern with COVID-19.  Have your holiday plans been affected by the pandemic?  Most folks are likely used to large family get togethers, but COVID-19 has put such a damper on gatherings.  However, The Green Kitchen is here to help.  

We are an intimate private event space and commercial kitchen in Church Hill. We seat no more than 16, with current COVID guidelines seating at 10. And we also gladly customize menus, adhering to all dietary challenges and restrictions.


If you are comfortable with hosting holiday festivities in your home, we also offer private and customizable catering services. 2020 has been stressful enough. Let the Green Kitchen handle the cooking this year, so you can enjoy this precious time with your loved ones. 


Ready to plan? We highly recommend booking your date as early as possible, as our calendar is starting to fill.  We can be reached at cheftammy@greenkitchenrichmond.com or 804-687-7099.

This Week’s Menu is Plant-Based!

Plant Based Meals

Thinking of trying a whole food, plant-based regimen?  It may not be for everyone, but after watching the documentaries, Forks over Knives and The Game Changers, you may decide to give it a try.  I do not want to quote any statistics here, as I’d rather you form your own opinion.  However, the Green Kitchen recently worked with a client whose cholesterol dropped 31% by switching to a plant-based diet.  Perhaps in this time of quarantining, you have been focusing on becoming healthier, and The Green Kitchen is here to help. 

For this week’s extra meals, we are offering only a plant-based, whole foods menu.  These are recipes we have already worked with several times and have found them to be delicious.  In fact, so delicious, you wouldn’t know they were totally plant-based if we hadn’t told you.

All the recipes are dairy-free, and most can be gluten-free, however, you must specify when ordering.

Orders must be placed by 3:00pm Tuesday for Wednesday delivery.  Text orders to 804-687-7099.  Please include your name.  I will then confirm your order and ask for your address.  COD, Cash, Check, Card, Venmo accepted.

$30/4 servings

DF: dairy-free; GF: gluten-free;

** can be Gluten-Free, must specify when ordering

  • “Sloppy Joe” Pitas with Roasted Sweet Potatoes – DF
  • South of the Border Pizza – think Mexican pizza…. **can be GF – please specify
  • Spaghetti with Roasted Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Basil (with salad) – DF; **can be GF – please specify
  • Green Goddess Pesto Bowls (brussels sprouts, kale, roasted potatoes, chickpeas) – GF & DF

Special Meal Delivery Now Available

Tired of cooking? Just want to order takeout? Get a nutritious, chef-prepared meal delivered straight to your door. Considered an “essential” business, The Green Kitchen is still open and offering single meal delivery for a limited time only.

Order from the following menu and have a delicious meal delivered on the day of your choice*. As long as we’re able to grocery shop, The Green Kitchen will cook. Please let us know how we can help serve you today.


Place order by text (804.687.7099) or email 

Order by 3 PM on Wednesday

*Delivery on Wednesday OR Thursday

COD upon delivery: Cash, check, card, VENMO accepted


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Traditional Lasagna with Turkey and a Side Salad
Quantity: 6 available
4 servings

Tuscan Pork Loin with Fennel Sauce with Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Carrots
Quantity: 3 available
4 servings

Penne with Kale Pesto with Salad
Quantity: 12 available
4-6 servings

Butternut Squash Soup
Quantity: 6 quarts available
2-4 servings per quart
$15 per quart, or 2 for $20
*Vegetarian, contains dairy

Brunswick Stew
Quantity: 4 quarts available
2-4 servings per quart
$15 per quart, or 2 for $20

Pumpkin Cheddar Muffins
$7 for half dozen
$12 dozen
*Contains wheat and dairy

Asian Fun Coming!

Greetings from The Green Kitchen!

Welcome back.  How are we already mid-March?

Let’s talk fun!  The Green Kitchen is picking up steam, about to host our first Asian-inspired Pop-Up next week.  We’ve partnered with a local colleague, whom while we’ve traveled “in the same circles” here in Richmond, we’ve never met.  Her background is mostly Asian-influenced and she loves food as much as I do.  Not to mention, the menu is gluten-free!  Check it out on Facebook and join us Thursday, March 14.

And all that talk about Asian food had me look into my archives and find one of my favorite recipes – Asian Braised Pork Belly – yum!  Star Anise, Ginger, Dark Soy Sauce, Rock Candy, just to name a few ingredients. Pork Belly Tacos with Watermelon for dinner this weekend!  Be sure to look out for pictures.

Where would we be without all the culinary influences in our lives?  Being from the South, my first foray into anything other than delicious pinto beans with onions and cornbread, was Chinese food, which I still love.  Then I discovered Indian food, then Thai and Vietnamese.  Such flavors these cuisines have brought us!  What’s your favorite?

The Green Kitchen is almost too busy for words these days, but those who know me, know that just isn’t true.  We’re having surprise birthday parties at the shop, luncheons with supper clubs, teas, team-building sessions, and we even hosted an Oscar-watching party!  Our private event space is perfect for your intimate event of 16-30.  We’d love to host your next special occasion.

Check us out on Facebook – The Green Kitchen or follow us on Instagram at greenkitchenrva


314 N. 25th St., Richmond, VA  23225

Good Habits!

Greetings from The Green Kitchen!

Welcome back. Wow! So much for resolutions, right?! I see from my blog last month that I intended to start the New Year with continuing my blog and here we are 6+ weeks later finally getting around to my 2nd one of the year.

This leads me to an age-old question I’ve asked many times. Why is it good habits are so hard to adopt and bad ones so easy? Are we just lazy? Or do we just get wrapped up in so much of our lives that it leaves little time, or quality time I should say, for what’s really important. And I don’t mean just to try and blog regularly, either.

I had lunch with a friend recently who was telling me about her 8-year old’s “schedule”, and, wow, that read like any busy CEO’s. It just makes me wonder why we are trying to fill our lives with so much by way of activities.

Being in business for myself, I work harder than I ever did for anyone else. And why? Because I want to call the shots and lead my life the way I want to. Some days are 15-hour days on my feet and some days are completely spent in my pjs, laying around with my dogs and reading and napping. But I guess those are the days I should be writing my blog, LOL!

Anyway, before I go down another rabbit hole, let’s check in with you. How are your resolutions going? Have you maintained healthy eating habits, exercise habits? If not, I’m still here for you!

The Green Kitchen has been providing healthy meals for Richmond families for many years now. I love helping people with their dietary challenges and that seems to be a growing problem. We take the stress of menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking away from your busy life and your kids’ CEO kind of schedule. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about your family eating healthy? Check us out at www.greenkitchenrichmond.com or give us a call at 804-687-7099. We’d love to help out!