Well, I am loving these temperatures. I’ve now turned the heat off and opened the windows. Will have to close them before turning in, but it was nice listening to that rain Monday night.

The changing of the season brings so much to mind. I’ve decorated for Halloween and will continue through Easter next year, and I love having my dining room and sitting room done up for all the holidays.

It also brings to mind changes in general. Where were you last fall? What a difference even a year can make. And my little white Chihuahua, Luna has been with me 2 years already. What a love she is. Her and her big brother, Little Bit are approximately 4 years old now. They had a tough beginning but I think they have enjoyed rescuing me.

And this is the beginning of the “giving season”. We should all remember how fortunate we are. Many in my circle are suffering in one form or another, so I do give thanks every day for how blessed I have been. My animals are just one example. Of course, my kids are as well. My daughter has relocated back to Richmond after being in 2 different states for 2+ years and it’s been great being able to see her so much more. And my son has been cooking with me since 2013 and is becoming quite an accomplished cook himself. He works very hard at all his jobs and I couldn’t be more proud.

And The Green Kitchen is happy to be sponsoring Give Thanks, a fundraising dinner here at my home on Sat., November 18th. Check it out on EventBrite and The Green Kitchen Facebook page. Proceeds will benefit FeedMore. I hope you will be able to help us support a great cause, remembering those who don’t have the same Happy Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, my catering schedule is filling up so if you need help with any holiday party you might be throwing, give us a call, as we’d love to help you shine for the holidays! Give us a call at 804-687-7099 or email us at cheftammy@greenkitchenrichmond.com

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