Yay! It’s Wednesday again! We’ve just gotten through Thanksgiving and some of us are now focused on Christmas. Bah humbug some of you might say, and trust me when I say I’ve said that before too. There has been couple of years in my life when I didn’t put up a tree until Christmas Eve and then with only a single ornament. Our lives has just become so dang busy, it’s a wonder we get anything done at all some times.

Did you venture out last Black Friday? One year I went out before dark, along with the masses and found myself around Best Buy’s parking lot in the back at the farthest corner waiting in line, for just 1 item for my son. The blessing there was that I was first in line to check out. But I think it was the last time I went out on that crazy day of the year. Amazon has become my new BFF. Yours too, I bet.

While you are thinking about what to buy for your loved ones, let’s talk about the best gift-the gift of food. Food sustains and nourishes us. We not only want it, we must have it in order to survive. And we all want to be here a long time. So why not eat something delicious, and freshly prepared?

At The Green Kitchen, we offer all services related to food.
• Weekly prepared meals.
• Meals for special occasions, births, anniversaries.
• Health challenges from illnesses to operations.
• Cooking instruction.
• Catering.

We cater to our clients’ needs. No carbs? No problem. No pork? No problem. No gluten? No problem.

I’ll leave you with this: What business do you think profits the most in January? Gym memberships! And that’s when we all make New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier. Why not start the new year off with the help of The Green Kitchen? We’d love to help you with your goals of eating better. Reach out to us at cheftammy@greenkitchenrichmond.com or 804-687-7099

Remember, food prepared with hands that love to cook tastes better!

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