Continuing from my recent one-statement survey, I asked my Facebook followers what their dinnertime challenges were. Answers varied but a few mentioned “time”. Aaaahhh yes, the epitome of our busy lives today!

When did we become so busy? Remember the commercial from a couple of years ago, the one where someone ordered a latte and the cashier turns around to prepare the order and the customer immediately asks “where’s my latte?”

With the ever-growing presence of social media, we have truly become a nation of immediate gratification. We try to fit as much as we can into the few precious hours we have. Careers, family, social life, etc…. Something’s inevitably going to suffer, and unfortunately, that is usually quality time with our families, including dinner around the table, a lost tradition.

So how can we take that tradition back? Menu planning for the week can be helpful. On the weekend, plan the upcoming week’s menus, perhaps even going so far as a calendar with each evening’s menu written upon it. Then go grocery shopping armed with a list of needed ingredients. And, if time allows, prep as much as possible ahead. Imagine leaving work, not having to go to the grocery store, knowing you have a plan in mind for when you arrive at home.

And when having enough time to menu plan, grocery shop, prep and cook is just not possible, another option is to bring in help! I have helped many families with bringing back that tradition and regaining their quality family time.

Give The Green Kitchen a call today at 804-687-7099 to see how we can help!

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