Do you know what today is? Well, 3 months from today is December 27, two days after Christmas! 3 months, as in 90 days… just sayin’…

We all think it seems forever away and we can’t believe how much Pumpkin Spice we are seeing EVERYWHERE, or that Costco already has pre-lit Christmas trees for sale! That really bugs me, to be honest. The community associations haven’t even covered the pools from closing Labor Day weekend and already the onslaught of the holiday season as begun.

Time started passing much faster for me, at least, once my kids were born. I remember my daughter’s first birthday party and watching her wondering where the year had gone.

I, for one, love the holiday itself, family and friends and good food and the world basically stops. Why can’t it be like that more often and not just one day a year? But the 3 months leading up to it is enough to drive one mad.

With the season fast approaching, let’s try not to lose sight of what is important. Peace with our loved ones, and counting our blessings.

2017 has thus far, been a fantastic year for The Green Kitchen and it continues to be so, and I am fortunate enough to be doing something I love. I hope you are as well.

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